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04 February 2009 @ 02:55 pm

Members only!
Join for pretty musings of the dimply and classically beautiful pair.

- This community is shameless fun.
- Chace/Leighton ideally, but posts for Chace or Leighton individually are fine as long as they don't get too overwhelming.
- Graphics post must contain at least 10 graphics pertaining to Chace/Leighton.
- Images/content exceeding 500x500 or big, long posts go behind a cut.
- Please make the distinction between Chace/Leighton and Nate/Blair when posting on-set pictures from Gossip Girl. The former only!
- Spoilers: Since this is a Chace/Leighton community, obviously any GG set pictures are going to be of them together being unscriptedly cute, so spoiler warnings aren't necessary - but we must strictly make the distinction between the pairings. Still, no one will know for sure. If you want to be completely spoiler-free, you might want to defriend this community :(
- Don't disable the comments feature.
- No hotlinking.
- No bashing of them(duh?)/each other/their co-stars.

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